Marketing connected purchasing

The first artificial intelligence grocery app focused on steering the habits of users towards healthier lifestyle choices. Mucho app is great for you to market your product, increase brand awareness and get your product into more targeted baskets.


Marketing in Context

Feature your brand or product inside recipes or shopping lists from our network of food writers

We present your product when it is most relevant, inside a recipe. Building a direct link between an ingredient to your product.

Showcasing your brand

A dedicated brand area that allows the consumers to get to know your brands in depth

Introduce yourself properly to consumers and show them how to use your products for meals and occasions.

Creating shared value

While you focus on the food, we are focusing on the lifestyle synergy and aspirational positioning for our community

It is our mission to work with innovative brands. Mucho is always on the lookout for brands that can help us inspire our community of new generation consumers, get in touch if you are keen to join our fab mob of like-minded brands.

Powerful insights like no other

Mucho trace the complete user journey from brand discovery to product purchase

Mucho takes the time to understand each user and what they are looking for in food. And because everything from discovery your brand to purchasing products happens in one place, we can make connect and explain consumer behaviour between different stages of decision making.